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Why Mothers Are Not Responsible for Down Syndrome in Children? A Perspective

Alfleesy O*

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, Aden University, Aden, South Yemen

Corresponding Author:
Dr. Othman Alfleesy
Associate Professor of Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, Aden University, Aden, South Yemen.
Tel: 00967 770548026
E-mail: [email protected]

Received: September 26, 2018; Accepted: November 01, 2018; Published: November 05, 2018

Citation: Alfleesy O (2018) Why Mothers Are Not Responsible for Down Syndrome in Children? – A Perspective. Insights Biomed. Vol.3 No.3:12 doi: 10.21767/2572-5610.100047.

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Basing on my published article titled, Non-disjunction (extra chromosome 21 (T21) and Down Syndrome (DS)) is not a maternal cause. It is a parental issue. An appeal to all mothers throughout the world [1]. I want to remind you that, since the wrong proposal of Calvin Bridge and Thomas Hunt Morgan in the spring of 1910 for the so called (non-disjunction), as an origin of Trisomy-21 and Down syndrome, a hot controversy had been raised. No scientific ideas or hypotheses were proposed exactly, to put an end to this long controversy. This longstanding (dogma) by scientists about nondisjunction (trisomy 21) as a maternal cause, had arrested a creative thought and losing decades of research (109 years) based on this wrong proposals and interpretation. Nevertheless, the false accusation against mothers as a leading cause of T21 and down syndrome is continuing till now without any scientific evidence indicating mothers’ responsibility. The scientists had accepted this genetic abnormality as a result of mothers age (maternal cause), despite no scientific evidence. Almost all scientists were injustice at all either logically or scientifically to determine mothers as a direct cause for nondisjunction and T21 (DS). How could you accuse mothers to be the definite cause of nondisjunction and Down syndrome children without any scientific evidence? The scientists have not been able to explain this process convincingly since its proposal and they admitted with this failure frankly. During the time since the first proposal, there is no certain evidence to consider maternal age as a leading cause at all. It was a common knowledge to scientists that as a woman’s age increases, so does her chance of having a baby with Down syndrome occurs when the egg contains an extra copy of chromosome 21. Scientists said this kind of error is more likely to happen in older eggs, due in part to the decay of proteins within the egg over time. Alfleesy noticed that this word (decay), unfortunately indicates the ignorance and failure of the scientists to the base line of inflammatory and healing process, also these processes (decay and healing) never happen inside the ovum with such mentioned manner as Calvin and others had linked it to an ovum. Also, some of them stated that the egg became rusty with time. They resembled egg like a sardine box in a small grocery, or an iron rod of a machine that gets rusty with time in storehouse. These two words (decay and rusty), are sufficient to drop any theory without any discussion, because these words are not scientifically be accepted in this method of debate and interpretation and these two words (decay of the ovum and rusty egg) were an indicator that the scientists were far from the circle medicine and a declaration of the failure of their theory. The scientists take only maternal age into account wrongly and forgot to study paternal side thoroughly. Alfleesy found that no scientific evidence for mothers to be a certain cause (maternal cause) for extrachromosme 21 and Down syndrome. Also, the process of human creation must have couples (male and female) to be completed. Finally Alfleesy announced to all mothers that they are not responsible for Down Syndrome children, and the honest scientific Journal, Women's Rights Organizations must adopt campaign against accusation for women by scientists without any evidence and to lift the injustice on the shoulders of mothers, who suffered for centuries from this injustice accusation and some of them have got psychological trauma because of this violent, unethical and harm accusation by male scientists.

An Appeal to Mothers

It is a great honor for me to announce to all mothers across the globe that they are not responsible for Trisomy 21 and down syndrome [2-4]. The old claim by scientists about the mothers’ responsibility for non-disjunction process (T21 and down syndrome) was not a true claim at all and was not a scientific interpretation. It is not your fault. The responsibility and the cause are a parental issue (50% paternal + 50% maternal) because of the symmetry (identical) of chromosomes 21 of both father and mother, which rarely occurs [5]. The scientists must re-evaluate and revise again their wrong hypotheses and speculations in this concern. There is nothing abnormal in your egg, and the claim that your egg (decay and rusty) is a funny and a major mistake in the history of science. Because your ovary is not a grocery and your egg are not a sardine box, or an iron rod. And the scientists must remember that the creation is responsibility of the couples (male and female equally) under the will and the hand of our GOD. Down syndrome children are blessed kids, they are the gifts of the GOD to parents. And you must accept this to be a happiest mother and family.


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