Electrogenic Metals in Epidermis: Relationship with Cell Bioenergetics

Petukhov VI, Dmitriev ЕV, Baumane LKH , Skalny AV and Lobanova Yu N

Published Date: 2016-10-18
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Our previous studies have found that results of quantitative spectrometry of electrogenic metals (Ca, K, Na) in epidermal cells (hair) from healthy individuals and the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident (chronic oxidative / nitrosative stress) are conjugated. The nature of this «conjugation», like many intimate mechanisms of the metal-ligand homeostasis in the epidermis, remains unsolved. However transmembrane traffic electrogenic metals (and especially the ion Na+) are directly related to cell bioenergetics. Therefore, intracellular bioenergetics processes in the membrane and in the mitochondrial respiratory chain, can determine homeostasis electrogenic metals. It has been shown that in the cell, which is an open dynamic system, there are signs of self-organized criticality (SC). This allows classifying electrogenic metal homeostasis among the SC-phenomena.

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