Effectiveness of Polyherbal Topical Oil Treatment for Patients either with 'COVID-19 like Symptoms' or 'COVID-19 Positive' A Prospective Study

COVID-19 also designated as SARS-CoV-2 is a beta-coronavirus which is now a pandemic disease with no current treatment except some therapies with low quality of evidence or without clinical support study specifically for COVID-19. Extant literature signifies that polyherbal solutions are one of the reliable alternative solutions. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment with topically applied two ployherbal oil blends; viz. SAV and WMB along with standard treatment in patients having ‘COVID-19 like symptoms’ (COVID-19 status unknown) and ‘COVID-19 positive’ patients. SAV with 13 anti-viral compounds (identified through GC-MS) and WMB with antiinflammatory action for pulmonary/respiratory relief (supported with GC-MS) are found effective to provide treatment for COVID-19 to 44 ‘COVID-19 positive’ patients and 1238 patients having ‘COVID-19 like symptoms’. It is identified that SAV and WMB polyherbal blends can be an effective remedial measure for COVID-19, which can be further proven with advanced lab-testing or clinical trials.


Bahl AS

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