A Live Experiences on Quality of Life Among HIV Positive Patients

Back ground: Many people living with HIV/AIDS are finding it difficult to attend their daily tasks of living. Hence the present study is an attempt to assess their live experiences on quality of life.

Methods: We used phenomenological research design. Through purposive sampling technique data was collected on live experiences of quality of life among 12 HIV positive patients through in-depth interview from two focus groups, one involving male patients with HIV positive and another female patients HIV positive. Then the collected data was analyzed thematically.

Results: From the study, themes identified were sources of HIV transmission, reaction to HIV diagnosis, impact of HIV on family members, disclosure of HIV, impact of HIV infection in daily life and stigma among health care workers.

Conclusion: Study concluded that patients living with HIV positive are finding difficult lead a life in day to day activities.


Vijaya Lakshmi

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